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Do you have the desire to become what you dream about doing?


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Are you a fantastically talented person with a passion for film, TV and media productions? Then you could be one of the people Urban Gorilla Filmworks is looking for. Urban Gorilla Filmworks is in the process of setting up offices, workshop and a small studio outside Gothenburg. Our vision is to become an awesome company that can take on the big boys in the movie production playground! A company which creates everything in house from films to web series, TV, music videos, animations, shorts and much more! We will take the raw ideas of scripts and turn them into full productions and tell fantastic stories in the process, with your help. All projects will be in English so they have a wider international audience.

If you feel the attraction of this and have more questions, please contact us, tell us what your skills and your weaknesses are because we all have both.

Urban Gorilla Filmworks is located in Skene, 45 minutes Gothenburg, 30 minutes from Borås or 10 mins from Kinna. Most location shoots will be in Västra Götaland so it would be good if you lived around this area for travel purposes.


Contact: info@urbangorillafilmworks.com

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You will find I have answered everybody that has responded to my post! If you feel I am wasting peoples time then that is your opinion! but the people that have responded do not think it's a waste of their time!


Now for your other comment about being not serious and unprofessional this is where you fall down again with your comment as I have been working in the film and entertainment industry for the past 20 years!


And if you ever contacted me and and never received a reply then I apologize for that!


This is your second topic about the same thing. Yet you seem to be unable to answer the mail you recieve regarding this job, so stop wasting peoples time with your unserious and unprofessional attitude.


Slösa inte er tid på denna skojaren.

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Thanks for you advice Tolin on the post, I thought the post was clear enough and I would go in to detail further with people that are interested,the reason there is not a specific position because I like to meet the people and see what their qualities and attitude are! i I also agree with your thoughts on how someone could resort to insults before asking did I get their response, but this is the attitude in today!

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