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  1. Hi All. I am in search of someone who is skilled in these Editor/Colour Correction/ Grader to help finish of some over due projects due to me having to take time off work to care for my sons medical problems. I have three shorts and a 9 episode sitcom to finnish. the shorts are in the final stages not much work at all and I am in the process of cutting the sitcom now. I need help to finish the shorts (unfortunately there is no budget for these so it will be gratitude and kudos and hopefully a new working relationship) and the sitcom I offer a percentage of the sale of the project to a network. all the projects are with English dialogue. Please don't accept these projects if you don't have the time to focus on them there is an importance toe get them out within a very short window. I am grateful if you could pass this to your friends as well who maybe interested. I look forward to a new working relationship with one of you talented people Regards
  2. Hi All Cinematographer/Videographer/cameraman Wanted to retreive B-roll footage around vastra Gotaland including Gothenburg centrum for a Sitcom. there are nine 30 minute episodes to fill with cutaways. the lovely person would need to have there own equipment (dslr or higher with base HD quality) Unfortunately there is no reimbursement but credits and the gratitude is given, if all goes well a good foot holding for further project would be offered to you. this would suit someone who is enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the project. Fro more details and a better understanding about the project breif you can contact info@urbangorillafilmworks.com and check out the project " We Live At 2-22" on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UrbanGorillaFilmworks Regards Dean
  3. Urban Gorilla Filmworks is seeking a new member to our team, we are in the process of recording nine episodes of an English dialogue sitcom in Skene and seek someone who understands how to apply basic make up to our actors. You don’t need to have worked in the film industry before but commitment is just as important as your CV. Unfortunately there is no compensation, but we offer a percentage in the profits if we successfully market to a network. If this interests you! And you have been intrigued by this please contact us on info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  4. We are searching for actors for our English sitcom which is being filmed in Skene Mark Criteria You need to be able to speak English clearly, and commitment to the project. Due to time restraints we are accepting video auditions, so if you would like to audition please contact Dean at info@urbangorillafilmworks.com also we are searching for some talented soul to apply make up to our actors please contact for details
  5. Thanks for you advice Tolin on the post, I thought the post was clear enough and I would go in to detail further with people that are interested,the reason there is not a specific position because I like to meet the people and see what their qualities and attitude are! i I also agree with your thoughts on how someone could resort to insults before asking did I get their response, but this is the attitude in today!
  6. You will find I have answered everybody that has responded to my post! If you feel I am wasting peoples time then that is your opinion! but the people that have responded do not think it's a waste of their time! Now for your other comment about being not serious and unprofessional this is where you fall down again with your comment as I have been working in the film and entertainment industry for the past 20 years! And if you ever contacted me and and never received a reply then I apologize for that!
  7. Urban Gorilla Filmworks is seeking an independent producer or one that is attached to another production house with a track record. You need to be ambitious in your nature and have the desire to work on our English dialogue projects. If you feel you can fulfill this and you love challenges then we want to hear from you! contact info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  8. Wanted actors in the Mark Kommun Vastra Gotaland area for various projects, all levels of experience welcome. Must, however, be comfortable speaking English as all dialogue rolls will be in English. Hope to hear from you! Contact: info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  9. Tolin is right in his answer but you can use a regular smoke machine, at the nozzle end run in to a polystyrene box that holds dry ice and a small exit pipe for the smoke to come out of, the smoke will sit on the floor well filming quickly ( the colder the room the better ) good luck
  10. Are you and actor or want to get involved in the film industry behind the camera then we want to here from you weather you work freelance or just an novice!. It is important that you live within the Mark Kommun area for travel purposes, also you are comfortable speaking English as projects will be primarily with English dialogue. Contact info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  11. In final Draft 8 if you go to the tab called view you can go to index cards summary or index cards script and make notes there I've never tried to print it out but maybe you can!!
  12. Wanted people with funding experience for TV and film projects. Contact: info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  13. Are you a fantastically talented person with a passion for film, TV and media productions? Then you could be one of the people Urban Gorilla Filmworks is looking for. Urban Gorilla Filmworks is in the process of setting up offices, workshop and a small studio outside Gothenburg. Our vision is to become an awesome company that can take on the big boys in the movie production playground! A company which creates everything in house from films to web series, TV, music videos, animations, shorts and much more! We will take the raw ideas of scripts and turn them into full productions and tell fantastic stories in the process, with your help. All projects will be in English so they have a wider international audience. If you feel the attraction of this and have more questions, please contact us, tell us what your skills and your weaknesses are because we all have both. Urban Gorilla Filmworks is located in Skene, 45 minutes Gothenburg, 30 minutes from Borås or 10 mins from Kinna. Most location shoots will be in Västra Götaland so it would be good if you lived around this area for travel purposes. Contact: info@urbangorillafilmworks.com
  14. Hi Mattias! I contacted you about funding! with which Niklas contacted me back and asked if I could come to Stockholm for a meeting, this was on the 16th of August , I emailed him back numerous times but have heard nothing from him! Do you have this funding program working or is it in such an early stage that we should follow other avenues? Kind Regards Dean
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