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Coola filmrepliker

Gustaf Lindborg

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Replik: How did he die? - Not well!


Film: Casino Royale


Karaktär/skådespelare: Daniel Craig som James Bond


Sammanhang (i filmen):

James Bond blir tillfrågad om sitt första "confirmed kill" som 00 agent.

Har sen dess blivit den mest använda repliken när vi filmar. Hur gick tagningen....not well! he he.

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I forgot the count of how many bullets I fired, five or six. So do you feel lucky, well do you punk BANG


Sammanhang: Clintan har slagit ner ett gäng personer med en träpinne

Replik: There's nothing like a nice piece of hickary


Så klart den kanske mest kända: My name is Bond, James Bond BANG


Danny come and play with us, forever and ever...

Karaktärer: Två blåklädda yxmördade tvillingar i korridoren i Overlook Hotel

Film: The Shining 1980

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Ni kanske har sltat läsa sidan eller nåt, men jag bryter mot reglerna endå.


-2 hours ago a small jetplane crashed right in New York city. The president was onbord.

Snake tänder en cigg

-President of what?

Flykten från.N.Y


-I've seen things you people wouldnt believe...

Blade Runner


-She was wrapped in plastic

Twin Peaks


-Do you know what good ol' Jack Burton says in the times like these?


-Jack Burton. ME!

Big Trouble in Little China

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