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är det mycket skillnad mella lightwave o 3dmax?


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[citat=pinto]som det står i rubriken: är det stor skillnad?

jag menar inte om hur bra man kan göra utan om man kan lightwave tror ni det är lätt att gå över till max?[/citat]


Det är lite olika upplägg på de båda programmen, skillnaderna är något större än t.ex mellan Maya och Max (åtminstone till det yttre). Fördelen är att Max nog är det 3d-prog jag sett med bäst tutorials/ hjälpfiler, så om du bara sätter dig ner med dem ett litet tag så ska det inte vara några problem.



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there is a difference in between lightwave and MAX... things are layed out different.. menus, tools and other things... but the basics are the same... modeling, lighting rendering are all the same... if you know the basics of 3D then you could work in any program...


if you want to buy one and want to get the best for your money and don't want to spent lots of money then lightwave it the only way to go.. you get a complete tool set for less than 11000kr. max costs about 60000kr and Maya and XSI well they costs a whole lot more....


not many people know this but lightwave has just as good tools as MAX, and the others... there are a few things that are better in Maya,XSI and even Max... but if you want to do some small commericals and short films.. lightwave works just fine... i mean they did some effects shots from SIN CITY in lightwave.... and there are tons of lightwave tut. files on the net... and even better ones than the millinos you find for MAX.... but in the end you have to choose the progran you like best...

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