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Sin city färgerna?


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Hej, hej!


Är det någon som vet vilket program dom använder för att få enbart vissa färger att synas i filmen?


Jag använder mig av Adobe After-effects, det kanske går att göra effekten med det programmet? Någon som har lust att skriva en liten guide isfl, vart man ska klicka sig fram? :)


Föresten, någon som sett trailern till "A scanner darkly" ? Verkar grym!

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AE is not the best program for this effect but you have to use what you have... if you are going to film this effect you need to plan for it... all you need to do is make the parts of the shot you need to keep in color green/blue or any color you can key out later and then change the color...


for example the lips.... give you actor a bright red lipstkck then film the shot... in post you key out her lips the "red" and them use that key as a mask, when you make everything else black and white...

no i am no AE expert, this is a work flow from Digital Fusion, which is the program they used for all VFX and Color work on SIN CITY... but the principle is the same... so if you are good in AE you should be able to apply this to your work...

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