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Adobe känner inte av min kamera


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Jag har haft adobepremire pro sen i julas och allt har fungerat, men det började hända saker för ett par dagar sedan. Jag var klar me ett projekt som jag har haft på datorn ett par månader. Och nu skulle ja tanka in nytt matriel. Men det står att kameran är offline och "Can´t Activate recorder" jag vet inte vad det är för fel har varit och pillat på alla inställningar. Det mest underliga är att det fungerar att tanka in med Pinnacle studio. (Men jag klipper ingenting på det skit programet)


Är det någon som kan hjälpa mig.

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[citat=Nizze]Det fiungerar inte i något projek har försökt att starta upp i nästan alla format.

Programet har ändå kontakt med kameran för den känner av att det är pal och att det är 16 bit ljud.[/citat]

Från officiella supportforumet:

have been having 'Can't activiate recorder' problems with PP described in this thread and in other threads on this forum for several weeks now. I also use Pinnacle Studio V9 and when I can get capture to start, it will work for a while and then stop capturing. This problem has been getting worse.


I've just got Studio and PP to work perfectly and I'd like to share my experience with you all. In a moment of frustration and quite by accident, I happened to swap the f/w cable I was using for capturing with the f/w cable I have on a Canopus ADVC50 unit I own and, voila, PP capture has burst back into life after several weeks of complete silence.


My experience might help explain at least some of the problems other PP users might be having with capture. Often, I'll see a comment like 'I've been capturing from within PP for some time now, but this is no longer working'. The f/w cable tends to get handled alot and it might just be that your cable is becoming flaky. The problem may not be in the software at all as has been my experience. So before trying to isolate PP capture problems in software, try changing the f/w cable first. If you're lucky, this will fix the problem.


Some other observations:


1. PP would stubbornly not capture at all with the borderline cable. On the other hand, Pinnacle Studio could continue to use the cable, but with mixed results. Interesting...


2. It seems to me that f/w cables are not as robust as I had expected. My experience has been that a once perfectly working f/w cable has decided to fail on me. I dare say that in seeing the frequency of the PP cature problem in this forum, at least some of you will also be suffering from a bad f/w cable.


Hope this message helps a few of you out there. As for me, the next time I have capture problems in PP, I'll be trying a new f/w cable first. - Basil

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JA nu fungerar det halft, kan inte se någon previe, jag följde detta råd. Om någon listar ut hur man får det att fungera 100% så säj till


0. open capture window. Go to Settings tab.


1. switching Device control to > None

2. switching Device control back to > DV Device control

3. Turning of all 4 checkboxes in Capture Settings > DV Settings

4. repeating step 1 and 2

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