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a no budget shortfilm made with friends

Sap Pansritum

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so this is a no budget short film i did with some friends its our first one with an actuall story (its a wierd story but still :i ) the other ones i have made are pretty much just shooting things with guns :x . and i know that the story doesn't really make any sense at all but that's just because we came up with it as we were filming it :h maybe we will do a prequel or a sequel to answer some of your Questions that pops up in your head when you watch this but plz just take a look and say what you think. note: im new of course it wont be perfect.... :p

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Varför talar ni engelska och varför skriver du på engelska? Kändes inte särskilt motiverat.


Ta det från någon som vet vad han talar om - låt aldrig svenska skådespelare tala engelska. Det låter i slutändan bara korkat.

Som du skrev så skapade ni handlingen under själva inspelningen. En idé som ibland kan bli intressant och ge bra resultat.. om ni hade

talat svenska. Jag tröttnade efter 5e "man" som var avslutet på varje mening.

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