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Daniel Hållquist

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"The format is made up of both single and double spacing. Set your word processor for single spacing and leave it there, then double space as needed.


Single spacing takes place inside all paragraphs, after the characters name and before the dialogue, before and after all parenthetical dialogue cues, and inside all dialogue.


Double spacing precedes and follows: all slug lines, all paragraphs which contain descriptions of characters, scene, or action dynamics, preceding the character's name, and following all dialogue."


Källa: http://www.screenwritinghelp.com/z-dreadedformat.html



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Normalt gör man manus som om det var på en gammal skrivmaskin. Det var ju så de skrevs förrut. Skriv med 14 punkter, dubbelt radavstånd. Typsnittet som liknar skrivmaskinen mest, för att göra det korrekt, är Courier.


Så mycket rymdes det alltså inte i de gamla klassiska manusen!

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snubbla över några länkar för er som tycker format är viktigt.


"As a reader, and I have read for Hollywood pros as well as new screenwriters, when I get a script to read I can tell just by how thick it is how many pages it's going to be, and because I am often overwhelmed with less than good material I don't waste time with the really bad material. If it is too thick, too thin, it's probably not going to get read unless I am getting paid for coverage.


Then I will flip through the script. If it is not in a spec script format it's probably not going to get read. If it is really bad and I am being paid for coverage I will send it back. I will tell the writer to resubmit the script when it is in a proper format for a spec script.


You have one page to get me interested in a script. I can tell in that first page if it is a movie script or not. If the script is in proper format and is visually interesting and doesn't fall apart in the next 15 pages I will probably read the whole thing.


However, at anytime, if the script starts to fall apart or doesn't make good sense it has a good chance of being put down, and it is likely not to get picked back up.


Even if it is a really good story but the format is off a lot it gets really annoying to read. It makes it really hard to recommed a script to a producer or exc if it's an annoying script to read. A little off here and there I can tolerate, will stop reading, and make a margin note.


I hear a lot of people complaining about why there scripts are not read. It's simple. Read a few hundred scripts a month. Bad scripts, with bad format, bad stories, bad characters, bad writing, and lots of mistakes gets real old real fast. 99% of scripts are bad for any number of good reasons.


So do yourself and who ever you are planning to send your script to a favor and write a brilliant script. Edit, edit, edit, and don't send in some half-assed POS just because you wrote it and think is should be made into a film. There are ½ million other wishful writers who think the same thing, and only about 100 of them are right.


If you have any doubts send your script to a reader for coverage, or have industry pros who you have made contact with read it. Your, friends, families, and your significant other, unless they are putting up the 200 million dollars, do not count as a fair assessment of a good or bad script."


Och ett citat för er som siktar mot hollywood.

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[citat=jonvision]Mig veteligen är manusstandard på 12 punkter courier.


Så ungefär en sida manus blir en minut film, i snitt.






Just det, så var det. Tack för att du rättar mig!


Kul med alla intressanta länkar! Tack!

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