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Avid Free DV


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Är det någon som har hört något om Avid Free DV. De utanonnserade ju det programmet i början av året, och sa att det skulle dyka upp andra kvartalet. Sedan har jag inte hört någonting om det.


Windows Movie Maker 2 i all ära... men det vore roligt med något lite mer avancerat (utan att behöva betala för det...) utan att det blir så avancerat som t.ex Premiere.

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Nyhetsbrev från AVID ang. Free DV:

"For the first time, students, DV camera owners and video enthusiasts will be able to test drive a limited version of the industry-standard Avid® interface with Avid Free DV software.

We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on this exciting, feature-streamlined software. It is currently scheduled to run on both Windows XP and Macintosh OS X platforms and to include basic video and audio editing functionality with up to two streams of real-time effects.

Avid Free DV is standalone software designed to give a single user the opportunity to creatively explore the Avid editing environment. Please keep in mind that it will not support Avid Unity™ MediaNetwork shared storage, and it will not provide the robust production features found in Avid’s professional line of editing systems.

Avid Free DV is currently scheduled to be downloadable via www.avid.com in Q3 2003. In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out the products Avid has available for you right now – starting with our portable, affordable, professional video editing software – Avid Xpress® DV v3.5 – now just $995.

Thanks again for your interest in Avid. We’ll be back in touch when Avid Free DV becomes publicly available!"

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