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Looking for voice actors for podcast drama "The Denko Saga" (2021)


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We are two passionate creators with a fictional story to tell. The script for the first chapter of our audio drama "The Denko Saga" was recenly finished and is ready for recording. Now we are looking for passionate voice actors who can help us bring the story to life!

Since this is an indie project, we can unfortunately not provide any payment, since this is a hobby project that we do not make any income from. However we can provide a fun and exiting project to add to your portfolio as well as an opportunity to expand your contact network.

We have a total of 7 parts to fill and we do not request you to have any previous voice acting experience, however you do need to be fluent in English. Being able to do a variety of dialects is a big plus.

We are looking for:

1. 18-25-year-old male who can play the role of an introvert, lacking social skills

2. 18-25-year-old female with a light, soft voice who can play a kind and considerate role.

3. 20-35 female with a raspy and/or deep voice who can play a confident and cool business woman.

4. An 18-25-year-old male who can play an adult male with a comedic personality.

5. 20-35 adult male who can play the “internet troll”. A guy who finds joy in mean comments.

6. 18-25-year-old teenage female role. Someone who can play a young optimistic chatterbox.

7. 18-25-year-old teenage male role. Someone who can play a violent bully.

How to apply:

Please send the following to either robrtlange@gmail.com or carina4johansson@gmail.com

1. A recording where you give us a short introduction of yourself and as a a recording of a monologue or scene of your own choice.

If we find you suitable for a part/parts we'll contact you and set up time for a Skype or Zoom meeting where we’ll introduce ourselves a bit more, tell you more in-depth information about this project and how the production will look like. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on the emails above.

Application deadline: May 30th

Recording dates

Recording of the project will take place during spring - summer 2021.

Hope you find this of interest and that we get to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

Robert & Carina

The Denko Saga Mockup Poster 2021.jpg

The Denko Saga (2021) Radio Drama - Synopsis & Characters.pdf

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Detta forum används framför allt av oss som är bakom kamera. Visst, här finns en del som gillar att skådespela, men de utgör en minoritet. Så standardtipset är att annonsera hos Filmcafe, Statist eller Stagepool. Ja, det är gratis. Och numera finns visst även en svensk facebooksida för skådespelaruppdrag, men den vet jag inget om.

Obs att du lär bli dränkt i svar. Själv fick jag 20 svar per annons när jag för några år sedan sökte röstskådespelare. Då hade jag tydligt angett att det var obetalt.

I vissa fall har jag gjort så här. Skrivit till någon på Filmcafe som haft passande profil. Har hen ej svarat inom 2 dagar så har jag skrivit till näste.

Därtill finns möjligheten att fråga på närmaste amatörteater.

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