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ZTVs krav för musikvideos

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Hej. Jag fick precis mail med ZTVs krav för material som man skickar in.

Jag viste inte riktigt var jag skulle posta det så om det behöver flyttas så ber jag om ursäkt för besväret.

Jag tyckte iallafall att det kunde vara av intresse för alla som håller på med musikvideos här på voodoo och inte vet vilken format o.s.v. som kanaler kräver. Jag tror det varierar mellan de olika kanalerna men här kommer ZTVs iallafall


HÅLL I ER!!!!!!!!




Tape Format

Digital Beta. The small cassette size must be used for single music videos. If a compilation of several videos is supplied, the large cassette may be used if required.


The use of BetaCam SP is deprecated, but will be accepted in exceptional circumstances.


Video Standard

All signals and recordings supplied shall be of the 625/50 interlaced standard unless agreed otherwise beforehand.


Composite material shall meet PAL System I in all aspects of timing, frequency response and bandwidths.


When signals are delivered digitally they will be assessed according to the recommendation CCIR Rec. 601 or ITU-R BT601-5 Part A.


Video Levels and Gamut (illegal signals)

Video levels including any line-up shall be received within the specified limits so that the programme material can be used without adjustment.


Video levels are based on the PAL System I which specifies 0 to 100% RGB Limits. We require that signals meet the easier EBU Recommendation R103-2000:


Luminance limits -1% and 103%

Chrominance 105% max - RGB values to not exceed limits -5% to +105%


Measurements will be taken using a low pass IRE filter. Single lines with larger errors caused by vertical processing such as aperture correction and aspect ratio conversion are permitted if they do not exceed the -1% luminance limit.


Aspect Ratio

Viasat prefers delivery in 16:9 FHA but will also accept 4:3 Standard ratio. Additional matting may be used if you so require.


Active picture width is 52us / 702 pixels. All aspect ratio calculations are based on this. Any processes based on 720 pixel width may introduce unwanted geometry or safe area errors.


Safe Areas for Action and Captions


All material must be 4:3 compatible and safe areas should be respected on all material.


Audio Standards

Videos shall be delivered in Stereo. Currently, Dolby Digital is not acceptable. The use of pre-emphasis and/or noise-reduction schemes during acquisition and post production is acceptable. However, the programme for final delivery should have no pre-emphasis or noise reduction scheme applied unless specifically required.


For stereo single language:

Left audio shall be present on the A leg or Channel 1.

Right audio shall be present on the B leg or Channel 2.


Mono shall be in dual mono format with identical and coherent audio on both left and right channels. This is so that it may be used amongst stereo programmes.


Finished programme material intended for transmission with stereo sound, whether recorded on videotape or for live transmission, must carry sound in A/B (Left/Right) form. M/S (Mid/Side) is not acceptable for delivery.


Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4

Programme For Production use

left (A) right (B) Left Right

Final mix on tracks 1 and 2 must be phase coherent

These tracks may have content but will not be transmitted


Audio Level, Reference Level and Measurement

Programme audio levels shall always be measured by Peak Programme Meters (PPM) to BS 5428.


The Maximum or Peak Programme Level shall never exceed 8dBs above the programme’s Reference Level.


Digital Audio Reference level is defined as 18dB below the maximum coding value

(-18dBFS) as per EBU recommended practice R68.


Mono Line-up Tone shall be at a frequency of 1kHz +/- 100Hz and represent 8dB less than the maximum allowable peak.


For stereo sources, Stereo Line-up Tone shall be provided at a frequency of 1kHz +/- 100Hz and shall indicate the left and right programme legs: namely, EBU/ITC Stereo Tone at -8dB (PPM 4 / Zero Level) with only the left leg identified by breaks.


General Quality Requirements

Technical Quality Grading

Subjective quality of pictures and sound is difficult to assess. The ITU / CCIR 5 point scale for impairment is given below:


Grade 5 Imperceptible impairment.

Grade 4 Perceptible but not annoying impairment.

Grade 3 Slightly annoying impairment.

Grade 2 Annoying Impairment.

Grade 1 Very annoying impairment.


Newly commissioned programmes shall meet a minimum grade 4. In other cases, the absolute minimum is grade 3, unless there are valid reasons for exemption.


Flashing Images / Visual Patterns - Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE)

Flickering or intermittent lights and certain types of repetitive visual patterns can cause serious problems for some viewers who are prone to photosensitive epilepsy. Teenagers are a group where photosensitive epilepsy is considered to be a particular problem.


PSE Guidelines

Ofcom (UK) issues guidelines for PSE which Viasat Broadcasting branded channels are bound to meet, provide a suitable standard and should be followed. They can be found on the Ofcom website at http://www.ofcom.org.uk/codes_guidelines/broadcasting/tv/vrs_code_notes/flsh_imgs


Timecode and control track

Time code (EBU) must be recorded on all tapes. Both longitudinal timecode (LTC) and vertical interval timecode (VITC on VBI lines pairs 19 and 21, and 332 and 334) must be recorded throughout the line-up and programme and comply with EBU specification N12-1994 (SMPTE 12M-1995). Timecode frame rate must be 25 fps


Timecode must be contiguous and continuous and not pass through zero at any point from the start of the first countdown clock to beyond the end of the programme. LTC and VITC must have identical times.


Timecode and control track must have the correct phase relationship with the corresponding video signal. Assemble edits should not be used between the start of the clock and the end of the programme.


Line-up Test Signals, Clock and Leader

The start of programme and any subsequent part should be preceded by a countdown clock indicating programme I.D. number (with the appropriate suffix), programme title, subtitle, episode number, part number and contract number where known, and, if appropriate, pre/post watershed version.


The clock must provide a clear countdown of at least 20 seconds fading to black at three seconds prior to first programme pictures.


The clock must appear round when viewed on a display set to the same format as the programme.


The line-up signals used should be stated on the recording report, i.e. EBU bars and M6 or M3 audio.


Please note: At the end of the programme, sound must end naturally or be faded to be out by the end of the programme.


The following information should be supplied on the ident clock:


a) Video title and Artist.

b) Duration


Other information, e.g recording date, ISRC number, etc. as you require.


Compilation tapes

Several videos may be delivered on a compilation tape. Several versions may be supplied, e.g. if the original vocals include swearing, a version with the swear-words muted may also be supplied. The following requirements must be observed:


The tape box and recording report must clearly identify the separate items on the spool.


Each item must be preceded by a leader clock clearly identifying individual programme details.


The time-codes of each part should be unique and increment throughout the tape. Each programme must be in the same aspect ratio. A full technical specification is available upon request.

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Det är inte så läskigt som det ser ut. Har själv skickat ett antal reklamfilmer och en musikvideo till några tv-kanaler. Läs igenom det ordentligt så kommer du nog klara ut det.

Dessutom lär du dig säkert lite på det också.


Lycka till! ;)


Det ser läbbigt ut i alla fall, varför vill man ha det på kasett, känns lite 90-tal!


Finns det nå'n som orkar bryta ner texten och gå igenom vad varje rad betyder på "ren" svenska? Behöver ju inte ta allt men börja med någon rad.....:q

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