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UNIFEST´06, sponsored by the Mexican producer ro75 Training Center


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The Mexican producer ro75 Training Center complements the 1st Fiction prize of UNIFEST´06


The winner will attend the International Workshop of Photography in Movies and Video that will take place next September in Mexico


UNIFEST' 06´s Direction encourages students to participate in the 2nd edition of the festival, in only a month for the closing of the reception


A new bonus to participate in UNIFEST' 06. The Mexican producer ro75 Training Center adds itself to the group of sponsors that have already wagered firmly by the 2nd International University ShortFilm Festival offering a grant for the International Workshop of Movies Photography Direction and Video, given by the recognized film photographer Raúl Rodriguez Cabrera. The winner of the 1st Prize UNIFEST in category of Fiction will travel, with flight and lodging covered, to the City of Mexico D. F. of 11 to 19 of September this year, to attend this workshop.


With more than twenty feature films and a hundred of documentaries so much in 35 as in 16mm, Raúl Rodriguez Cabrera will give for third year in a row this workshop, in which the audience will learn essential concepts in the photographic direction that, subsequently, they will materialize in exercises of digital video and 16 mm movies.


This International Workshop of Movies Photography Direction and Video is just one of the numerous formative offers that ro75 Training Center puts at the disposal of those interested in the world of production, direction and audiovisual realization. In his website http://www.ro75training.com you can find all the information related to its more recent actions and productions.


Finally, UNIFEST' 06 wants to remind that in a month the shortfilm reception period will finish, being the last day the May 10th. The organisation encourages all those who haven´t participated yet to show their short features in “The most important date for university students in the world”. http://www.unifestival.com



More Info:

Contact: unifest@gmail.com

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