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My Sound of Silence - Horizon (360-video)


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My Sound of Silence "Horizon" VR video out now!


My Sound of Silence's thoughts:

"Horizon is a not so much of a story, it's more a state of mind, a vast landscape, the constant wondering and worrying and the delicate line between hope and despair. It's comforting and sooting, like a rocking cradle but at the same time agonizing."

Peter Sundqvist s (videoapelsin s) thoughts: "When I listened to Horizon I saw sunlight, rocks and waves crashing at a shore. That's why I instead wanted to do birch trees, leaves and soil set in space. I really enjoy computer game environments where everything is always so beautiful. It's a shame that you have to collect coins and food and kill each other when you are in such a beautiful place. With this video I wanted to do such a place, some kind of a schematic sketch of an abandoned civilization. Like I would describe northern Sweden to an alien or a to person from the south of the country."

Horizon is a 360 experience by @videoapelsin that should we watched in a updated web browser, most preferably with a VR headset.

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