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En ny wetgate med fantastiskt resultat!

Uppsala BildTeknik

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Äh, jag är lat, det är sent och jag orkar inte skriva om allting (jag har redan skrivit det här på ett engelskt filmforum), så jag kopierar bara in mitt inlägg på engelska...




Hi guys!


I just wanted to share the fantastic scratch-removal capabilities of a new wetgate I installed on my FlashscanHD yesterday. I made a testclip from one of my own old super8 from 1977.


OK, so it wasn´t all that scratched to begin with, but it was in the middle of the night and I was just finished with the installation of the wetgate, and I really wanted to see how it would perform... so I took a knife and ran the film back and forth in the scanner while scratching it up pretty bad. :mrgreen:


Then I transferred it one without the wetgate and once with the wetgate, and I made a split-screen testfilm from the transfers.


I made a webpage with info about the wetgate, sorry guys, but I haven´t had time to make the page in english yet. But you can check the testclip anyway, just click on the TV on the right side of the wegpage. If it doesen t play, update your flash player.


Page with the testclip: Wetgate-scanning av Smalfilm | Smalfilm till DVD, Super 8 & Dubbel 8 filmscanning - Uppsala Bildteknik AB |


Let me know what you think, it looks almost too good to be true!

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