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Drawing the line


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Hello friends, where do we say that's it you need to pay me... i mean working for free is never a good idea but sometimes you get something form the project, you get to test yourself, you learn if you are good or not, at what you do. it is a chance to learn so you can get paid leter.


which is the only reason to work for free. but where is the line where does it all ends, when does it go form helping a friend to working for your friend (un-paid). when do you stop being nice and start being real, if you agree to help your friend to do some small things that should only take a day or two, but a month has passed and you are still "Helping him" with samll things that just keep getting bigger and bigger...


what do you do?


Another problem i found is the "help me and i will help you later" do you listen to that line, i mean everyone want to get help making it, but do we listen to the producer or director who says


"i know all the people you need to meet."


and evenmore so if you decide to do another project while helping your friend can he get angry with you even if it is another un-paid project... i mean i should be about to do what ever free project i want...


or do i need to ask my "friend" first?


My conclusion is simple, i love film making and the business of film making... but those with power use the rest of us without power, and even more so we let them use us because be belive them and respect them... they say they can give us the world and we belive them...


the truth is they need people like you and me because we want to learn, we want to be seen,heard we would give any thing to make it doing that what we love... the one we need to learn is the value our craft and make them pay for our craft...



My craft is CGI/VFX...


what is yours?

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