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'My Best Friend'


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Tjenna igen! Nu har jag verkligen en idé som jag e sååå glad för :D


Okej, lite kort: Filmen handlar om 'Mike' som lider svårt av sin styvfar som tryckt ner honom hela tiden. Hans mamma är mer på styvfaderns sida, så Mike har inte så mycket kärlek i sitt liv. Han har nästan inga vänner, egentligen ingen riktig vän. En dag så hjälper han 'Gustav', en mer populär och självsäker kille, från några zigenare som misshandlar han. De blir snabbt bra vänner, men Gustav känner att det är nåt konstigt med Mike.


Gustav och mest hans vänner försöker bryta vänskapen mellan honom o Mike. Mike vägrar leva med att tappa bort Gustav, som han tycker e d bästa som hänt han och gör ALLT för att behålla sin vän.


Filmen ska ha en liten "Ensam Ung Kvinna Söker" / "Swimfan" känsla. Och att Mike är lite "otäck" ska lixom väga mot att man får en stark sympati-känsla för honom.


Ja, mer av storyn kommer sen. Jag har iaf skrivit ihop en liten idé till en öppningsscen till filmen. Och jag funderar på att göra en engelsktalande film så det är skrivit i Engelska.




'My Best Friend'


A dark room. You hear screaming voices from another room, an arguement between two adults. A 17 year old boy is standing in the dark room, with the back off his head banging against the door. He's scared and he's trying to stop those voices from getting to him. He goes over to the window and opens the blinds a little bit, just to let some sunlight in. He looks out on the empty yard outside, he is two stores up.


The screaming gets loader and he quickly closes the blinds again. There are a male and a female voice screaming. The male voice is starting to yell out "boy, you little shit, open the fucking door"! A hand is banging on the door loudly. "Let me talk to you, you piece of crap! Dont you think I know it was you huh? Open the door or I will kick it in for you!", the man yells, still banging the door very hard.


The boy is crying and he sits down on the other side of the room, opposite the door, holding his hands against his ears. The tears are running down his face.


"When I get in, you better be dead or I will kill you, you piece of shit!" The man yells.


The boy looks up, trying to get the words out of his mouth, "mom, please make him stop! Mom, please do something."


The man laughs, "you really think your mom cares about you? Your mom hates you as much as I do!"


"Mom, please, Im scared!"


You finally here the beating on the door stopps. The female voice says calmly, "Please son, open the door. He's not gonna hurt you if you do what he tells you."



The boy cries even more. "Mom, you know what he will do, please help me"


"Open the door Mike, you open this door right now or I will get mad at you. He is doing this for your own good!"


"Listen to your mother and open the fucking door!" He is starting to punch the door again.


The boy gets over to the door and he puts his head to it. "Mom, please, Im so sorry."


"Open the door Mike", the woman says.


The boy cries and takes the key out of his pants and opens the door...






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Va fan släng in en kniv i scenen också , gör killen suicidal, eller att han kanske dödar sin farsa? Så man vet hur sjuk han är sen när han träffar sin polare.. "man ska inte reta honom"™, men det vet ju inte kompisen. Gör honom som i filmen MIKEY, där en liten kille dödar ALLA i sin familj. Han ska helt enkelt vara en tidsinställd bomb.


Bra va?

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Okej här är en snabb synopsis av min idé! På engelska...





A movie deep down about friends. What is a best friend? We will meet Mike, who doesn't have a best friend, no love. When he was little, his dad died and his mother remarried shortly after that. Now he's 17 years old and lives with his mom and stepdad. A stepdad who makes Mike realize just what piece of crap he is. He pushes him down, makes him feel bad, hurts the boy, both in mind and body. His own mother doesn't do anything, just tells him it's for his own good. Mike is living a dead boys life, without love...an outsider.


A guy who lives a life quite different is Gustav, who got lots of "friends". But are they really friends or just the kind of friends who would sell your soul to the devil for the right price?


Gustav's little brother, Philip, is a 14 year old on the edge of addiction. He smokes, not just cigarettes but pot and he's trying out everything he can get his hands on.


These three lifes will all come together and show the real meaning of a best friend.


Gustav doesn't like the gypsies in their town and no one can really blame him. But one day when he gets in trouble with a bunch of them, Mike comes to his rescue. They later find themselves liking eachother, maybe more than they should.


Their friendship causes Gustav's "friends" to be jealous and they won't tolarate that Mike hangs witht them. Gustav has to battle between being a close friend to Mike and the pressure from his group of "friends". Mike has to deal with his stepdad, who gets even more hateful when he sees Mike and Gustav in a drunk kissing episode. The stepdad calls him a fag and even though Mike tells him he's not, the stepdad just loves this, he loves to have something to argue about. Mike has it and bursts out that he is gay and that he hate them both. He reaches for the kitchen knife...


We then won't know what really happend there, until later. We will get the idea that Mike has killed or hurt his stepdad...and maybe even his own mother.


The movie then gets this little...'thriller' feeling. When Mike will do everything to get Gustav back. He brakes into his house, gets close to his friends. We will all the time have the feeling of something bad happend, we don't know what Mike is capable of doing. So the movie is now built on the possibility of Mike hurting someone, but he never does.


Philip is now in big trouble, got depts to the gypsies for buying some drugs he couldn't pay off. The gypsies gives him one day to fix it, then he will be giving 'thumb up' with his index-finger.


Gustav is now in a living hell, with nightmares about Mike, hurting him and his girlfriend. Everywhere he goes, there's Mike. And he then founds out about his younger brother and he will have to save his brother. When the time for Philip runs out, the gypsies are about to get their 'repayment', but Gustav comes between saving his brother. A last option opens for Philip, if he can get it in time. Gustav stays with the gypsies while his brother tries to find the money.


We will now finally see what happend after Mike reached for the knife, as his mother is sitting crying at the kitchenfloor, thinking back to that moment. He took the knife against his own throat, letting his mom and stepdad know where they've pushed him, to take his own life. His mother begs him not to, but Mike wants to test them. He tells them what they've done to him and that he hates them more than anything. Letting them know how he feels. He then lets the knife go and runs away.


His mother fights with the thought that she let her own son run away, run away from her, because of him, his new husband. The man that tortured her son and she just stood there and let it happend. She confronts the stepdad and finally cuts her self loose from him. She decides to drive out to find her son.


Did Mike really lose it? Did he get all mad and crazy after all the years of pain from his stepdad? Is he capable of hurting people or does he only mean well?


We are now about to get to the end of this. The mother who searches for her son, for forgiveness. The little brother, fighting to save his bigbrother from getting hurt, just for saving his own skin. Realizing what price his smoking and taking drugs would actually be. Gustav who feels empty, he has lost his old friends and he blame himself for what has happend to his brother. But what hurts more is that he pushed Mike away, just so he would keep his reputation up among his circle of friends.


What will happend? Is the mother gonna get in time to find her son, before he hurts himself or somebody else? Will the little brother get the chance to pay back his depts, both to the gypsies and his brother, but also to himself and his body. Will the Gustav have no one to help him, no one who cares about him? Or will his best friend come to his rescue one more time...?






Well, what I thought was going to be interesting here is to get all the "creepy" and "suspense" feelings about Mike, not knowing what he will do. You will see him as a creep guy, but you will also have a great bucket full of sympathy for him. And I bring up some good subjects in the movie, which I think is kinda relevant for today's teenagers. Friendship, drugs, sexuality and immigrants (the gypsies), who I have some really bad experience with here in my own country, Sweden.

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hehe! jag kan ge bort slutet, som jag håller på o filar på, men det ska bli nåt sånt här:


Philip, lillbrorsan hinner få tag på pengar o snabbar sig tillbaka till Gustav o blattarna. Men på vägen blir han påkörd av Mikes mamma, som förtvivlat kör runt för att hitta sin son.


Mike kommer till Gustav undsättning..wohoo..än en gång o kommer imellan då blattarna knivhugger/skjuter, så Mike dör i slutet.


Ja..lite sentimentalt..men ska d ju va = ) Och ja till slut så inser ju Gustav att Mike bara menat väl med allt och den enda riktiga 'vän' han haft, var den som han frös ut och tryckte bort, Mike... *snyft*



snälla ge mej synpunkter. inte klar me manuset än..så kan inte ge så mycket mer information än.

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