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"The shadow Line" Searching for acter


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The production "The shadow Line"



Our story is about:

Meredith is young, adventurous and in search of any magical event which will define his journey forward in life Bruno, now middle aged, perhaps went through the same search in his youth, maybe the search never ended. Middle age allows him to take it easy: an incongruous mix of a filosofer, libertine and lazy individual. Yet reveals an incredible energy, but only when he feels up to it.


Matilde is a mix of Aphrodite, Athena and Ecate: but in contemporary style: she will turn into any of her goddess models according to her liking. She is the engine of our story: there even when there she is not, subtly manoeuvring people and their actions.


All this under roofs, in a blimp, in a glass house, under the starry sky, by the sea and all the way up in space. In Dublin which indeed becomes the whole world.


A story of encounters, questions to be found opening more questions and eventually love


and we are looking for this specific lady



• Matilde:


Female, 25 to 32 years old,light blonde, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde,glossy, if light brown, brown or black you could still apply but you should be willing to change hair style and color with wigs or other ways.


Her role: a greek goddess.


Matilde runs, cycles, dances expressing freedom, passion and liveliness (pro training not requested)

In some scenes she reveals her enchanting naked chest totally covered with a painted and ever changing body art tattoo. There are no love scenes where Matilde appears with body art.


• Requested Photographs

A - A frontal colour portrait (passport photo will do )

B - profile

C - Full length


Daily snaps (as in Facebook) as descriptive as possible: clear and framed so we might learn about you


Byo Previous Experiences




• Not requested but useful

Videos of any kind (scenes from films, or any footage where you perform or simply appear)

Music videos if you sing or play.


Personal Webpage

Why you’d like to be part of this project


Tells us about other abilities you may have

example, miming, cooking, knitting, drawing, climbing poles, diving, resuscitating, walking on your hands, staying totally still for a very long time .... anything you like ——



rehearsal August 2014/ shooting September 2014(around 2 weeks)




The early casting stages can happen via Skype or other internet means!

Please contact us via theshadowlinefilm@gmail.com

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Guest Fesley

i consulted your webpage. nice reading! pls keep us updated about da progress cos i guess yr project has the potential to be somewhat a far cry from what we use to experience!

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