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Videoredigering .. KDENLIVE 0.9.x


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Hej alla där 'ute',

Jag använder Linux operativsystem UBUNTU 12.04 och har installerat Kdenlive viderdigerings program. Håller på att spela över mina analoga VHSC kasetter till hårddisk. Detta genom att använda video kameran (DCR-PC9E) som signalomvandlare.

Prövade att föra över direkt via kamera till HD - det funkade inte. Har fört över mini DV kasetter till HD och det går bra. Går nu en omväg VHSC till mini DV och skall kolla om det går att fånga upp i Kdenlive.


- Kdenlive kan inte läsa AVI filerna och lägga dem i projektet - kan jag ställa in Kdenlive att känna igen sparade filer??



Kaj Timrén

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VHSC är inte HD. Vilket kan vara en förklaring till att det inte går. Se till att du tar in det du tar in (och din hårdvara har stöd för).


När du säger att Kdenlive inte kan läsa dina filer, vilket av dessa format är det du lagt i AVI-wrappern?:


RFC 2361 - WAVE and AVI Codec Registries




3IV1 3ivx MPEG4-based codec. Used by 3ivx Delta 1.0-3.5. FOURCC "3IV0" was al... >>>

3IV2 3ivx MPEG4-based codec. To be used for "3ivx Delta 4.0." >>>

8BPS Planar RGB Codec RLE codec storing RGB image in planar format under Quicktime. >>>

AASC AASC This codec is part of Autodesk's discontinued Animator Studio for Windows.&nb... >>>

ABYR ABYR Apparently a low resolution, low frame rate (6fps) codec similar to >>>

ADV1 WaveCodec Apparently used in various CCTV products. >>>

ADVJ ADVJ Also known as AVRn >>>

AEMI AEMI Array's codec used for I frame only MPEG1 AVI files >>>

AFLC AFLC AVI equivalent of the FLC native file format. >>>

AFLI AFLI AVI equivalent of Autodesk's native FLI file format (presumably). >>>

AJPG AJPG 22fps JPEG-based codec used for movie capture by some digital cameras. >>>

AMPG AMPG Codec for Array VideoONE hardware-based MPEG compression system. >>>


AP41 AngelPotion Definitive Another hacked version of Microsoft's MP43 codec. One source recommends again... >>>

ASLC Alparysoft Lossless Codec Codec offering approximately 5x compression in mathematically lossless mode o... >>>

ASV1 Asus Video Codec supplied with the Asus TNT Video Capture adapter. Supposedly a very sim... >>>

ASV2 Asus Video (2) New codec from Asus. Supposedly a very simple DCT codec. Complete technical d... >>>

ASVX Asus Video 2.0 Unusual codec which stores audio in the .avi file but puts the video in a com... >>>

AUR2 AUR2 >>>


AVC1 AVC1 Apple's version of the MPEG4 part 10/H.264 standard apparently. >>>

AVRN AVRN Also known as ADVJ in Quicktime files. >>>

BA81 BA81 This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is de... >>>

BINK Bink Video Pretty popular codec in Windows games. I'm not sure if this is available as a... >>>

BLZ0 BLZ0 MPEG-4 codec used in WarCraft 3 movies. >>>

BT20 Prosumer Video Codec optimised for realtime compression of YUV images. Download the ZIP and ... >>>

BTCV BTCV This, now obsolete, format supported a special data format used by the Brookt... >>>

BW10 Broadway MPEG Capture/Compression Codec for Broadway hardware-based MPEG compression system. >>>

BYR1 BYR1 This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is de... >>>

BYR2 BYR2 This format stores packed 16bit Bayer samples with 12bit precision. The Bayer... >>>

CC12 CC12 >>>

CDVC CDVC Allegedly used with digital video cameras. The >>>

CFCC CFCC Native format used when capturing AVIs using a DPS Perception adapter. >>>

CGDI CGDI AVI format used by >>>


CJPG WebCam JPEG Used by Creative Video Blaster Webcam Go control. See h... >>>

CMYK CMYK Uncompressed 32bpp CMYK as used in printing processes. >>>

CPLA CPLA This sounds like an uncompressed format to me. Anyone know? >>>

CRAM CRAM Allegedly identical to MSVC. >>>

CSCD CamStudio Codec Open source (GPL license) codec optimised for screen capture applications. So... >>>


CVID Cinepak Originally owned by Supermac then Radius, now >>>

CWLT CWLT Apparently WLT is "with lookup table". Presumably, therefore, this ... >>>

CXY1 Conexant YUV 4:1:1 Uncompressed, planar 4:1:1 YUV format. >>>

CXY2 Conexant YUV 4:2:2 Uncompressed, planar 4:2:2 YUV format. >>>

CYUV Creative YUV Proprietary YUV compression algorithm >>>

CYUY CYUY Proprietary YUV compression algorithm >>>

D261 D261 Presumably now owned by Intel. >>>

D263 D263 Presumably now owned by Intel. >>>

DAVC DAVC H.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec. >>>

DCL1 DCL1 Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>

DCL2 DCL2 Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>

DCL3 DCL3 Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>

DCL4 DCL4 Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>

DCL5 DCL5 Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services. >>>

DIV3 DivX MPEG-4 Low motion codec (optimised for low motion source material?). Several sources... >>>

DIV4 DivX MPEG-4 Fast motion codec.Several sources tell me that this is an old and illegal cod... >>>

DIV5 DIV5 Apparently almost as old as DIV3 and DIV4. Changing DIV5 AVI's FOURCC to DIV3... >>>

DIVX DivX This FOURCC code is used for versions 4.0 and later of the DivX codec. DivX, &qu... >>>

DM4V DM4V MPEG4 codec compatible with DivX4 and 5. >>>

DMB1 Rainbow Runner hardware compression Hardware codec used by Matrox Rainbow Runner video capture product. Apparently a... >>>

DMB2 DMB2 MJPEG codec used by Paradigm. >>>

DMK2 DMK2 Movies generated by a ViewSonic V36 PDA appear to be AVI files using this vid... >>>

DSVD DSVD The DSVD codec is a VFW-based compressor that firewire- and DV-based capture car... >>>

DUCK TrueMotion S Rather nice RGB codec which, strangely enough, appears to have two distinct F... >>>

DV25 DVCPRO SMPTE 314M 25Mb/s compressed video. A professional variant of DVC (dvsd). Unl... >>>

DV50 DVCPRO50 SMPTE 314M 50Mb/s compressed video. Has twice the data rate (50Mbits/sec) of ... >>>


DVCS DVCS A generic DV codec along the same lines as DVSD. Microsof... >>>

DVE2 DVE2 >>>

DVH1 SMPTE 370M SMPTE 370M - data structure for DV based audio, data and compressed video at ... >>>

DVHD 50Mbps Consumer DV SD-DVCR 1125-60 or SD-DVCR 1250-50. See also dvsl and >>>

DVSD 25Mbps Consumer DV SD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsl and >>>

DVSL 12.5Mbps Consumer DV SD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsd and >>>

DVX1 DVX1 >>>

DVX2 DVX2 >>>

DVX3 DVX3 >>>

DX50 DivX MPEG-4 Apparently this is used interchangeably with the DIVX FOURCC when using versi... >>>

DXGM DXGM The movies in the game "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" are ... >>>

DXTC DXTC Another of the DXTn set, I suppose. >>>

DXTN DXTN 5 different versions (DXT1 - DXT5) of compressed texture formats exist. Full ... >>>

EKQ0 Elsa Quick Codec >>>

ELK0 ELK0 Codec used by some Elsa graphics cards. May be a YUV format with reduced colo... >>>

EM2V Etymonix MPEG-2 Video HIgh quality, MPEG-2 I picture codec with user selectable YUV 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or... >>>

ES07 Eyestream 7 Codec >>>

ESCP ESCP Codec used by Eidos Technologies ESCAPE VideoStudio. >>>

ETV1 eTreppid Video Codec >>>

ETV2 eTreppid Video Codec >>>


FFV1 FFMPEG Codec A lossless video codec based on arithmetic coding developed in the open sourc... >>>

FLJP FLJP Field encoded motion JPEG with LSI bitstream format. Morgan Multimedia offers... >>>

FMP4 FFMpeg The default MPEG4 format used by tool mencoder. DirectShow filters suppo... >>>

FMVC FM Screen Capture Codec A codec intended for use in screen capture applications. >>>

FPS1 Fraps Codec Codec used by Fraps screen video capture application. >>>

FRWA Forward Motion JPEG with alpha channel A version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. Thi... >>>

FRWD Forward Motion JPEG A version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. Sim... >>>

FVF1 FVF1 >>>

GEOX GEOMPEG4 MPEG shipped as part of GeoVision's CCTV surveillance systems. >>>

GJPG GJPG Shipped as part of the driver package with some dgital cameras from Fuji. >>>

GLZW Motion LZW GIF-like codec written by gabest@freemail... >>>

GPEG Motion JPEG Motion JPEG codec written as a learning exercise by >>>

GWLT GWLT 8bpp greyscale image. WLT apparently means "with lookup table" so i... >>>

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H260 THROUGH H269 H260 THROUGH H269 Conferencing codecs H.263 format video is for POTS-based videoconferencing. U... >>>

HDYC Raw YUV 4:2:2 This is apparently identical to UYVY except that t... >>>

HFYU Huffman Lossless Codec Huffman codec for YUV and RGB formats. Available in source and DLL forms. Ful... >>>

HMCR HMCR Proprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition V2x00 Direct... >>>

HMRR HMRR Newer, proprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition drive... >>>

I263 ITU H.263 PictureWorks NetCard Player - another H.263 implementation from Intel. There'... >>>



IJPG IJPG Intergraph's version of a JPEG codec (don't you hate it when I just state the... >>>



IPDV Giga AVI DV Codec Codec used with I-O Data Device's IEEE1394 Digital Video Control & Captur... >>>

IR21 Indeo 2.1 Old Indeo codec >>>

IRAW IRAW No indication of the pixel format - sorry. >>>

ISME ISME May be installed by >>>

IV30 THROUGH IV39 Indeo 3 The family of Indeo Video 3 codecs originally developed by Intel but now hand... >>>

IV32 Indeo 3.2 Fairly widespread Indeo 3 codec >>>

IV40 THROUGH IV49 Indeo Interactive Indeo 4.1 improves image quality and introduces transparency masks. Ligos als... >>>

IV50 Indeo Interactive Version 5.0 of the Indeo codec series designed for internet video delivery. L... >>>


JPEG JPEG Still Image This is presumably exactly the same as "JPEG". >>>

JPGL JPEG Light? Proprietary format used by many WebCams which are built around the DIVIO NW 801/... >>>

KMVC KMVC Shipped as part of the game "Worms" by Team17 Software. Info is all... >>>

L261 L261 >>>

L263 LEAD H.263 LEAD tell me that "The LEAD H.263 codec is a high quality lossy interfra... >>>

LBYR LBYR Based on the naming, I would hazard a guess that this describes some Bayer im... >>>

LCMW LEAD MCMW Video Codec This is a wavelet-based codec. LEAD tell me "The MCMW Codec is designed ... >>>

LCW2 LEAD MJPEG2000 Codec saving standard JPEG2000 streams. LEAD has more info about it >>>

LEAD LEAD Video Codec LEAD tell me that this codec is now obsolete yet it seems that their " >>>

LGRY LGRY Supports 12 and 16bpp grayscale images with additional low and high range inf... >>>

LJ11 LEAD JPEG 4:1:1 Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:1:1 format. This is supported ... >>>

LJ22 LEAD JPEG 4:2:2 Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:2:2 format. This is supported ... >>>

LJ2K LEAD MJPEG 2000 LEAD tell me "the LEAD MJPEG2000 Video codec saves standard JPEG200... >>>

LJ44 LEAD JPEG 4:4:4 Presumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:4:4 format. This is supported ... >>>

LJPG LEAD MJPEG Codec Supports color JPEG 4:1:1, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, grayscale JPEG 4:0:0) FOURCCs suppor... >>>

LMP2 LEAD MPEG-2 Video Codec LEAD's implementation of the MPEG-2 video compression standard. The codec lin... >>>

LMP4 LEAD MPEG-4 Video Codec An H.264 codec suporting Main and Base Profles and levels up to 3.2. LEAD off... >>>

LSVC LSVC Old version of the codec now identified as LSVX. >>>

LSVM LSVM Another old version of the codec now identified as LSVX. >>>

LSVX Lightning Strike Video Codec Multi-bitrate decoder used in the eViewStreamX product. >>>

LZO1 Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer Codec A fast, lossless codec available in source code format. >>>

M261 M261 Redmond's codec implementing the H.261 compression standard. >>>

M263 M263 Redmond's codec implementing the H.263 compression standard. >>>


M4S2 M4S2 Final fully-compliant ISO MPEG4 decoder, compliant to MPEG-4 version 2 simple... >>>

MC12 MC12 Proprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding. >>>

MCAM MCAM Proprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding. >>>

MJ2C Motion JPEG 2000 Motion JPEG 2000 >>>

MJPG Motion JPEG Motion JPEG video. Codecs implementing MJPEG are (or have been) available from >>>

MMES MMES Matrox MPEG-2 video elementary stream.MPEG-2 main profile or 4:2:2 profile cl... >>>

MP2A Eval download MPEG-2 Audio >>>

MP2T Eval download MPEG-2 Transport Stream >>>

MP2V Eval download MPEG-2 Video >>>

MP42 MPEG-4 Apparently one of several different and incompatible MPEG-4 codecs. Rumour has i... >>>

MP43 MP43 Yet another MPEG-4 variation from Microsoft. This FOURCC is not, however, lis... >>>

MP4A Eval download MPEG-4 Audio >>>

MP4S MP4S The first ISO standard codec for use with the Sharp digital camera implementi... >>>

MP4T Eval download MPEG-4 Transport Stream >>>

MP4V Eval download MPEG-4 Video. >>>

MPEG MPEG MPEG video - presumably MPEG I ? >>>

MPG4 MPG4 MPEG-4 Video High Speed Compressor. >>>

MPGI MPGI Editable MPEG codec >>>

MR16 MR16 >>>

MRCA MRCA And I thought it stood for "Multi Role Combat Aircraft". >>>

MRLE MRLE Run length encoded RGB format from Microsoft. Basically the same as the BI_RLE f... >>>

MSVC MSVC Original codec shipped with Video For Windows. Deals with 8bpp and 16bpp imag... >>>

MSZH AVImszh Kenji Oshima also developed a multi-threaded M3JPEG codec based on one by Mor... >>>

MTX1 THROUGH MTX9 MTX1 THROUGH MTX9 Apparently these are MJPG variations registered by Matrox consumer products g... >>>

MVI1 Motion Pixels MVI1 Codec Part of the Motion Pixels player. Install the player and the codec will becom... >>>

MVI2 Motion Pixels MVI2 Codec As for MVI1, this is part of the Motion Pixels player. Read more >>>

MWV1 Aware Motion Wavelets Wavelet compression-based codec optimised for Intel MMX platforms. Allegedly ... >>>

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NAVI Download here >>>

NDSC NDSC Nero registered this with me recently but provided no information other than ... >>>

NDSM NDSM A contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refe... >>>

NDSP NDSP Apparently an MPEG4 implementation of some description. >>>

NDSS NDSS A contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refe... >>>

NDXC NDXC Presumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>

NDXH NDXH Presumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>

NDXP NDXP Presumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>

NDXS NDXS Presumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC. >>>

NHVU NHVU Apparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3. >>>

NTN1 NTN1 >>>

NTN2 NTN2 An evolution of NTN1. >>>


NVHS NVHS Apparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3. >>>

NVS0- NVS5 NVS0- NVS5 Supported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format. >>>

NVT0- NVT5 NVT0- NVT5 Supported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format. >>>

PDVC DVC codec DV codec for I-O DATA Digital Video Capture products. >>>



PIM1 Download here MPEG-1 based codec >>>

PIM2 PIM2 Pinnacle DC1000 firewire video editing card supports this format. >>>

PIMJ Pegasus Lossless JPEG High speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale us... >>>

PIXL Video XL This is apparently an alias for VIXL. You can find more i... >>>

PJPG PJPG Non-standard codec based on MJPEG. >>>

PVEZ PVEZ TrueMotion based codec (?) It appears that Horizons Technology has now been a... >>>

PVMM PVMM Software MPEG4 codec that supports multiple bitrate encoding/decoding. It is ... >>>

PVW2 Pegasus Wavelet 2000 Compression High speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale us... >>>

QPEG QPEG Q-Team Dr.Knabe's 8-bit output codec with automatic palette switching for sea... >>>


RGBT RGBT That's odd. I registered RGBT at the same time as a bunch of other FOURCCs an... >>>

RLE RLE I expect this is an equivalent to one of the the BI_RLEx FOURCCs (see the >>>

RLE4 RLE4 Equivalent to BI_RLE4. See RGB page for more details. >>>

RLE8 RLE8 Equivalent to BI_RLE8. See RGB page for more details. >>>

RMP4 RMP4 Press release >>>

RPZA Apple Video RGB555 block-based codec used in Quicktime files. >>>

RT21 RT21 What Indeo was called before the marketing guys got their hands on it. RTV or... >>>

RV20 RV20 RealVideo G2 (6.0 and greater versions of the player and encoder) >>>

RV30 RV30 >>>

RV40 RV40 Apparently you need to install RealPlayer 10 to enable playback of any A... >>>

S422 VideoCap C210 YUV422 codec shipped as part of the driver package for Tekram's C210 product.... >>>

SAN3 SAN3 A direct copy of DivX 3.11a, apparently. If you use a FOURCC changer tool on ... >>>


SEDG SEDG MPEG-4 hardware and software codec used in Samsung digital video products. >>>

SFMC Surface Fitting Method CrystalGram video email codec. >>>

SMP4 SMP4 Codec used by Samsung VP-ms15 Digicam. This appears to be a DIVX clone since ... >>>



SMSV SMSV Windows 95 codec installed automatically (and without warning) whenever you r... >>>

SP40 SP40 Appears to be an uncompressed YUV format of some kind but I have no info... >>>

SP44 SP44 Presumably a precursor to SP54? >>>

SP54 SP54 Apparently a form of MJPEG but with some header or other missing. Software shipp... >>>


SQZ2 SQZ2 >>>

STVA STVA Data from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver fo... >>>

STVB STVB Data from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver&nb... >>>

STVC STVC Data from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver ... >>>

STVX STVX Data from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver f... >>>

STVY STVY Data from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver fo... >>>

SV10 Video R1 Allegedly popular as a Quicktime codec. Used for trailer videos on Star Wars ... >>>

SVQ1 Sorenson Video 1 Hierarchicial adaptive multistage vector quantizer with mean removal and inte... >>>

SVQ3 SVQ3 Video codec used in Quicktime files. A variant of H.264 >>>



TM20 TM20 Version 2.0 of Duck Corp's Truemotion codec. I'm told this codec is available... >>>

TM2X TM2X Duck Corp's follow-on codec after TM20. >>>


TMOT TMOT Another FOURCC for TrueMotion S. This relates to the version of the codec lic... >>>

TR20 TrueMotion RT 2.0 Realtime version of TrueMotion. >>>

TSCC TechSmith Screen Capture Codec Codec used by the Camtasia >>>

TV10 TV10 >>>

TVJP TVJP Used by the Targa 2000 board. >>>

TVMJ TVMJ Used by the Targa 2000 board. Morgan Multimedia offers a >>>

TY0N TY0N >>>

TY2C TY2C >>>

TY2N TY2N >>>

UCOD ClearVideo Fractal compression-based video codec available as a Video for Windows codec ... >>>

ULTI Ultimotion Shipped with OS/2 but also available for Video for Windows. Link is to a very... >>>

V210 V210 Uncompressed format supported by >>>

V261 V261 >>>

V655 V655 Component ordering and packing unknown. Can you help? >>>

VCR1 VCR1 Codec used by some ATI TV-PC products. >>>

VCR2 VCR2 Codec used by some ATI TV-PC products. >>>

VCR3-9 VCR3-9 Registered for ATI Video Codecs version 3-9. I'm not sure these actually exis... >>>

VDCT VDCT 16bpp format - no information on colour space, packing or component ordering.... >>>

VDOM VDOM Another streaming video format from VDONet. >>>

VDOW VDOW H.263 internet streaming video format. Allegedly to be used (being used ?) by... >>>

VDTZ VideoTizer YUV Codec Codec used to store YUV AVIs captured with Darim Vision's VideoTizer product.... >>>

VGPX VideoGramPix Alaris VGPixel 32-bit AVI compression driver. It seems that this codec is ins... >>>

VIDS VIDS YUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422 (no, I don't understand this either) >>>

VIFP VFAPI Codec Take a look at http://www.doom... >>>

VIVO VIVO Vivo's version of the videoconferencing "standard" H.263 compressio... >>>

VIXL VIXL Used my MiroVideo products such as the DC10, DC20, DC30, etc. A motion JPEG f... >>>

VLV1 VLV1 Codec probably used in VideoLogic's Captivator product line >>>

VP30 VP30 On2 tell me "On2's VP3 codec will encode video into a VP3 file in multip... >>>

VP31 VP31 The successor to VP30. This algorithm was open sourced by On2 in 2001-2002 an... >>>

VP40 VP40 Another in On2/Duck's line of video codecs. >>>

VP50 VP50 ..and another >>>

VP60 VP60 ..and another >>>

VP61 VP61 ..I can feel a pattern developing. >>>

VP62 VP62 ..I wonder which one will be next? >>>

VP70 VP70 >>>

VQC1 VQC1 Digital video camera codec. ViewQuest offer lots of driver downloads on thei... >>>

VQC2 VQC2 Codec apparently used in Kodak DVC325 digital camera. Check the ViewQuest sit... >>>


VSSV VSS Video Real-time or near-real-time encoding with high compression ratios and good im... >>>


VX1K VX1K >>>

VX2K VX2K >>>


VYU9 ATI YUV Planar YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems? >>>

VYUY ATI YUV Packed YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems? >>>


WHAM WHAM Yet another FOURCC describing Microsoft's MSVC/CRAM codec. >>>

WINX Winnov Software Compression Software codec used by some Winnov Videum products. >>>

WJPG Winbond JPEG Format supported by AverMedia >>>

WMV1 WMV1 >>>

WMV2 WMV2 >>>

WMV3 Windows Media Video 9 You may find other useful information >>>

WMVA WMVA The codec originally submitted for consideration as SMPTE VC1. This is not VC... >>>

WNV1 Winnov Hardware Compression Hardware codec used by Winnov Videum products. >>>

WVC1 WVC1 Microsoft's implementation of the SMPTE VC1 codec. >>>

X263 Download here Another H.263 codec. This one is apparently used by an IBM-branded webcam. >>>

X264 H.264 This FOURCC was originally registered by a company called XiWave but the... >>>

XLV0 XLV0 >>>

XMPG XMPG Editable (I frame only) MPEG codec >>>

XVID XVID MPEG-4 Codec is available in source form from XVID web site. Can also be downloaded as ... >>>

XWV0- XWV9 XWV0- XWV9 XWV3 is currently used to describe Xi-3 Video. Others are unused. >>>

XXAN XXAN Codec useing Huffman and RLE encoding paired with basic interframing. This forma... >>>

Y16 16bpp Grayscale Video A simple, uncompressed format for recording 16bpp grayscale images. >>>

Y411 Y411 Supposedly 16bpp packed but 4:1:1 is usually 12bpp - odd. This is an uncompre... >>>

Y41P Brooktree YUV 4:1:1 This is an uncompressed YUV 411 format I registered about 7 years ago. I've s... >>>

Y444 Y444 Format provided by the Windows 2000 drivers for the iRez Stealth Fire ca... >>>

Y8 Y8 Probably a duplicate of the uncompressed Y800 form... >>>

YC12 YC12 >>>

YUV8 YUV8 >>>

YUV9 YUV9 Raw Format An uncompressed YUV format used by Intel Indeo video products. >>>

YUVP YUVP An uncompressed YCrCb 4:2:2 format using 10-bit precision components ordered ... >>>

YUY2 YUY2 Yes, I know this isn't a compressed format but I get so many questions about ... >>>

YUYV YUYV Compressed YUV format. Some of the software on the >>>

YV12 YUV 4:2:0 Planar Uncompressed format commonly used in MPEG video processing. You can find more... >>>

YV16 YV16 Uncompressed format similar to YV12 but with twice the chroma resolution. >>>

YV92 YV92 Codec used by Intel's Smart Video Recorder product. Apparently a compresssed... >>>

ZLIB ZLIB A generic lossless codec. Apparently also contains the MSZH >>>

ZMBV The DoxBox Project A codec using ZLIB compression which is used to capture screen information. >>>


ZYGO ZyGoVideo Video codec usually packaged in Quicktime files. Investigations suggest that ... >>>


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Som du ser blir frågor om AVI och varför program inte kan läsa en AVI lätt komplexa.


Tack för svaret

tyvärr är det 'grekiska' för mig. Av oförklarlig anledning (vet ej vad jag ställde om) fick jag det att fungera.

Håller på just nu med överföring av VHSC kasetter direkt via kamera (signalomvandling) till hårddisk.



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