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Killen på ScriptShadow ger kritik på manus


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Kanske intresserar det någon. Killen på ScriptShadow ger kritik på manus, det ska bara vara att skicka in sitt manus plus logline.


Welcome to another week of Scriptshadow. This weekend my faith in movies was reinstated with the addition of the best movie I've seen all year, Toy Story 3. I've said this before but I'll say it again: Every studio should follow the development process of Pixar. They know how to get their scripts in shape. Even when I don't like their movies, the scripts themselves are solid. I mean the last 30 minutes of that movie - wow! So great. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be reviewing a flick hitting theaters in July. It's a bit of a touchy feely story so prepare yourselves. Wednesday and Thursday I'll be looking at some much talked about recent specs. Then Friday, as promised, I'll be reviewing an amateur script. For those not around for that post, I've vowed to review a reader script on the last Friday of every month. If you want to submit a script of yours, send the script, your logline, and your pitch (give me your sob stories, give me your frustration!) to Carsonreeves3@gmail. Just know that I will post your script and I will be honest in the review. So if you can't take criticism, do not submit. You can check out Amateur Week so you know what to expect here.
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vad e logline o pitch?...


Logline är en eller två meningar som sammanfattar din film, ofta presenterar man loglinen och hoppas att man får pitcha.


Från voodoos filmordlista, Pitch

Väldigt kort beskrivning av en film. Att pitcha innebär att man på cirka 5 minuter presenterar sin idé för en filmkonsulent eller filmproducent för att övertyga dem att producera en film.
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