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  1. Yep - but the prize pool for Sömnlös48 is a hell of a lot bigger, and it's only open to competitors from Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Plus the chance for finalists to pitch an idea to TV stations who're looking to fund projects. I know which one I'd go for. ;)
  2. Hey guys, team registration is open for the competition (now called Sömnlös48 in Sweden) - see here Register a team | Uneton48 to get signed up before it's too late! Sömnlös48 will be held over the weekend of May 18-20. Competition films are screened in local cinemas, and judged by film industry professionals. This year finalists will have the opportunity to pitch a film concept to a panel of major television stations. Every year there is a large prize pool for successful competitors, with past prizes coming from well known industry companies including Angelfilms, Generator Post, Avid and Genelec. The 2012 prize pool totals over 25,000€. Register a team to get a shot at great prizes and wide recognition, and help bring an event to Sweden that has already mobilized thousands of independent filmmakers! Uneton48
  3. Hey there! Just wanted to let everyone know that an awesome film competition is coming to Sweden for the first time this year. The idea is that everyone involved has just 48 hours to make their short film, from writing and pre-production to output and delivery. This is a format that has enjoyed huge popularity internationally, with 48 hour film competitions thriving in cities around the world including San Francisco, Auckland, Helsinki and Sydney. Uneton48 Uneton48 is a 48 hour short film competition that has been immensely successful in Finland over the last few years, and is now expanding to include Sweden and Estonia. This is a unique challenge that will test the skills and creativity of any filmmaker to the limit - check out the website to find out more, or ask questions below and I'll do my best to give you decent answers. :)
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